Ear plugs Equine Pomms
19.55 € / pair(s) *
White 'n Brite Shampoing
29.95 € / bottle(s) *
Omega 3 6 9
from 144.95 € / bottle(s) *
Frog care Balance
Old price 14.95 €
8.00 € * You save 46 %
Parisol Cod liver oil-zinc ointment
Old price 11.95 €
6.00 € / Can(s) * You save 50 %
Parisol Aloe Vera Skin Care Lotion
8.00 € / bottle(s) *
Parisol Hoof Spray
5.00 € / Can(s) *
Parisol Herb Shampoo
4.00 € / bottle(s) *
Parisol Magesium oil
Old price 38.95 €
10.00 € / bottle(s) * You save 74 %
Beeswax Oil
from 7.95 € / bottle(s) *
Leather Spray
5.00 € / Can(s) *
Leather Cleaner "1"
5.00 € / bottle(s) *
Hoof Tar Spray
5.00 € *
Saddle Soap with Sponge
Old price 4.95 €
4.00 € * You save 19 %
Horse Stop
4.00 € / Can(s) *
Bag Balm
3.00 € *
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TRAINING and SHOWTACK, equipped to meet your goals
We have made it to our mission to support and assist you professionally with know-how and the right attitude. 
The challenge is to find quality and trust, gladly accepted. The sophisticated Quality is defined via the maximum, which is reflected in terms of efficiency and improvement. For this, the fair Online-Shop world-of-tack.com, who has specialized in the delivery of Training and Showtack, suplement Nutrition for Horses and maintenance products. The shipment is directed at all citizens within the European Union and can easily be ordered from your sofa.
The focus is placed on the support in product selection. 
World of Tack - service is our top priority 
As an appropriate service of course is the personal contact. Those who do not find their way to the search for the appropriate product in the equestrian shop, can always get in touch with our world-of-tack Team. The Team is ambitious to answer the inquiry as soon as possible. 
For example, the herbal encyclopedia  which is also located on the left side of the menu bar. Whether anise, fennel, marshmallow, fenugreek seed, nettle, plantain, sweet flag, elderberry, flaxseed, caraway, licorice, lime, plantain, peppermint, horsetail, juniper and thyme, here interested can find all information on the use and effect of individual herbs. Or the fantastic RES Equine Products with the replacable Velcro concept and quality products. 
Of course the most important part of the page is defined by the riding equipment, which can be found in the shop. Go to store it's back on the menu bar at the left of the page. Simply click site visitors simply click "Shop" and then click on the image that the URL "www.world-of-tack.com" has. At the top of Riding Shop the operator has provided a search function. Here, in the World of Tack easily to the desired riding needs to be searched by simply a keyword is entered. Anyone who is not quite sure of the search word, also has the option to browse within the categories listed below. Here visitors will find extensive riding needs in the form of hoof and leg protection, head pieces, clothing, accessories, nutritional supplements, and cleaning products, pads and blankets, bits and bits, horse blankets, saddles, an extensive stable pharmacy, training aids, reins, tournament supplies, spores and belt, saddle accessories and gift ideas. Directly below is the World of Tack and detailed information about the animal protection insurance available. In World of Tack Blog, visitors can learn about news. Under each category, the visitor can log in equestrian shop for the informative newsletter. Therefore you have entered a valid email address and optional name. And then the visitors will be informed about news around the riding shop via email. Who ask for riding need has can of course also occur in telephone contact with the shop owners. Right of the page in equestrian shop displays the required telephone number. Among them are the business hours, so that the visitor can call during business hours. 
World of Tack buyer protection and attractive payment options 
World of Tack has been awarded the seal of approval with buyer protection. The so-called Trusted Store allows customers a safe shopping. Trusted Shops are measured at over 100 quality criteria, such as customer service, credit, price transparency and Privacy Policy. As one of the few online shops on the net the World of Tack also offers the purchase invoice. Thus, the client first obtains the ordered riding needs and then has 14 days to pay the goods by wire transfer. The shop also offers a secure and convenient payment option PayPal. In order to buy the right horse and need to sign in online store may choose Visitors simply the "Register" button located at the far right of the page. This opens up again a mask to fill. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. It is important to enter a valid email address. At this address an automatically generated email address is sent in the connection, which is to verify and ensure that it is not misuse the personal data. For this purpose, only the link contained in the email must be clicked and already visitors can conveniently browse and purchase your favorite items in the World of Tack Online-Shop.